Paper MineCraft

Paper MineCraft99 votes. 4.48 / 5

Ever wanted to know what would look like Minecraft in 2D, discover it with Paper Minecraft. Explore a huge world randomly generated, mine and collect resources and manufacture hundreds of objects to build what you go through your head. The only limit is your imagination. Apprentices architects, lovers of great buildings, will evolve in the creative mode with unlimited resources and no monsters, while adventurers may try to stay alive in a hostile world through survival mode. It will be possible to generate a backup code to share your creations with your friends.


How to Play:

  • Use WASD to control.
  • Use mouse to place or dig blocks.
  • Use E to open chest or inventory.
  • Use F to eat items.
  • Use space to drop/split items.
  • Use P to pause.


Tips and Tricks:

  1. When a zombie or wild animal attacks, you will lose health.
  2. Look for chests in the map and they will give you valuable resources.




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